Tuesday, 1 April 2014

what... world's oldest woman turn's 116 year's old.
when...On the 5th of march a woman called Misao Okawa. just tuned 116 year's old.
how...Misao Okawa has been having enough sleep for 8. hours at night and also enough good food like eaten sushi.
why...because she kept herself in shape she would do. squats in the hallway of her retirement.
who...misao okawa and her staff at her retirement  home.
where...I think that Misao Okawa lives in China.


  1. There is hope for me yet, I better get back to exercising!!!

    You can write a short paragraph including all the who, what, where, when, why like we do on our school blog. Great work getting this current events on your blog I am so impressed!!!!!

  2. I am going to teach you how to put the photo on with it next!