Sunday, 18 May 2014

The creation story - Maori legends

The Creation

In the beginning there was nothing but dark.   There was a speck of light created.  The sky father and the earth mother were stuck together.  Tane mahuta separated the sky father and the earth mother.  They were absolutely sad and they cried a lot and a lot.  The sun warmed the earth and the trees began to grow.

Maui and his brothers paddled out to sea in their kayak.  Maui the trickster had a magical hook made out of the jawbone of his grandmothers jaw bone.  Maui was a fisherman.  Maui said, “Stop!  This is the right place to go fishing for land.”  He threw the hook and waited until there was a pull.  There was a big pull.  He pulled as hard as he could and he pulled up the land.  It was a shape of  stingray.

As Maui and his brothers set off for another fishing trip, a deadly storm began to come.  Tawhirimatea, god of the wind and Tangaroa, god of the sea were in a fight and they were really angry.  The wind was blowing and the sea and wavers were getting rougher and  rougher.  The waka got caught in a reef and toppled over.  The brothers fell into the water and climbed up on top of the waka.  After a long time they turned into stone.  They became the southern alps and the waka became the South Island.


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