Tuesday, 14 March 2017

               severe flooding in chile

Rainstorms and landslides have contaminated a major river forcing the authorities to cut off drinking water to at least four million people in Chile a country of South America.

"that's a lot of people without water"

 The water supply would be cut to the city until it comes clear.

Three people have been killed and 19 are missing as the rivers overflowed and the bridges were washed away.

Some of the peoples homes were filled with mud and sludge as the river went through them. Some of the shops have run out of bottled water and the supermarkets reported scuffles between people eager to stock up. Some of the restaurants and schools were ordered to stay closed

The Governor Claudio Orrego said the weather conditions in the mountains were very bad near Santiago the capital of Chile. 

My throughts/feelings : 

As you might know from the news in our own country New Zealand we have  had a bad flooding in Auckland, Northland and Coromandel ,320 homes in Auckland were in waist deep in water.                                                          

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