Tuesday, 23 May 2017

                                           Pacific Island Cover in Plasic

Scientists say this is the worst case of plasic pollution in the world. They found 38 million items of plastic. "That is a lot of rubbish" on Henderson island in the south pacific.
It is carried there by the ocean currents the island is uninhabited.
Australian resarcher Jennifer Lavers said the island is the hightest density of plastic rubbish in the world.
They calculated there were 671.6 items per square metre on the beaches with about 68 percent of the rubbish buried less than 10 centimetres in the sand. Each day 17 to 268 new items get washed up on a 10 metre section of the beach.
Scicentist said the finding of the plastic was a wakeup call to the world and as grave a threat to humanity as climate change.
Annual production of plastic has increased from 1.7m tonnes in 1995 to 311m tonnes in 2014.

My opinion:
That is a crasy amount of rubbish to be on a beach. That would take alot of people to clean it up quickly.
People need to be more careful about where they put there rubbish and to think about the enivoment.


  1. nice job Cocoad sorry cody very in topic

  2. nice job Cocoad sorry cody very in topic

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