Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Cat Land Hill

                  A Day On Cat Land Hill
On Sunday in 2017 it was a nice 'n sunny day on cat land hill and they were all playing with there string and then 4 of the cats thought that its getting a bit boring and one of the cats out of the 4 said that its a bit weird how us 4 thought it was a bit boring because cats love string anyway so the 4 cats packed up there string into there bags because they had a little huddle on for what to do and they all decided to go on a little trip around cat land hill because they wanted to discover new parts of the hill that they haven't already. So they set of the next day at 10:30 and then an hour later at 11:30 they were starting to get a bit lost but if they are lost that means that they have deserved new parts of cat land hill and you might think wow have they not had any stops yet but yes they have and every time they stop they play with there string but they might not be able to soon because there string is running out and you might be wondering how dose string run out well it doesn't but for these four cats it some how dose so let me tell you what they do so what they do is that they play with it and when theyed all finished with there string its all tangled and you might think thel chuck it out and litter but no thel put it back in there bags and they wont play with it again because its all tangled. So they start to call for help and you probably think they have phones because they are calling for help but no they don't have phones they meow really really loud and then with in ten minutes they had been found because they were only on the other side of a little hill then they went back to there home and they never got lost again and they all lived happly ever after    THE END    BY CODY